Useful info and what to bring

Getting to LiveWires

The holiday is held at Chafyn Grove School on the edge of Salisbury. You can arrive at LiveWires between 4.15PM and 5:30PM on Sunday 2nd August. Please don’t arrive before this time as we might not be ready for you! Find out how to get to the school here.

Leaving LiveWires

Departure is from 9:45AM on Sunday 9th August. Leaving LiveWires can be very hard after such a wonderful week, but the team have to tidy the site ready to hand over to another group by early afternoon, so please make sure you can leave by 10:30AM.

Keeping in touch

The postal address for the holiday is Scripture Union LiveWires, Chafyn Grove School, Bourne Avenue, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 1LR

If you need to get in touch before or during the holiday, you can:

  • Phone the leaders on 020 3397 1111. This always diverts to a leader’s mobile during the holiday. Mobile reception is very poor so we may not respond immediately, but please leave a message.
  • Email

We strongly discourage young people from bringing mobile phones to the holiday as they can be a big disruption to group activities on the holiday. We reserve the right to temporarily remove phones if they are proving a distraction. Mobile phone reception around the site is very poor and batteries drain in hours. We will happily make a phone available for calls home.  As mobile phone use when trying to get to sleep and overnight can be a distraction to individuals and others in the dorm, mobile phones will be put in a box from lights out until wake up.

We don’t provide internet access on site and for the same reasons as with phones, please don't bring mobile broadband kit along. For social media addicts, take a week off and tell everyone about LiveWires when you're back!

Please do not expect regular contact from your youngster during the holiday, as this may not be possible.


We take every care and are fully insured against any accident for which Scripture Union might be held legally responsible.  If you feel that they would like extra insurance against any accident that occurs through no fault of Scripture Union, and also against loss of luggage, please make your own arrangements.

A couple more things…

Nuts: We have a few people on site who have allergies to nuts, so we would please request that no nuts or items containing nuts are brought to the site.

Sweets: We have a tuck shop where you can buy sweets, so please don't bring sweets with you.  There is always some fruit available in breaks.

Leaving the Site: The holiday includes a day out to a local attraction, where leaders will be supervising the youngsters at all times.  Transport will be provided from the site to the location.  They aren’t allowed off-site apart from this trip.

Software, Music and Video Piracy: LiveWires obviously cannot allow distribution of pirated software, music or videos to happen during the holiday, nor copying of legally-bought software and music (whether on MP3 player, CD, or a computer).  We will deal very firmly with anyone found doing this.  Please leave behind any media that isn’t properly licensed or paid for.

What happens when?: We have a sample timetable day on our LiveWires Day page.  This explains a little about what the sessions are.

LiveWires Check List

Before the holiday:

  • Health form is filled in and returned to LiveWires leaders.  A copy of the form can be found here.
  • Travel details are submitted at
  • Checked that no details have changed since applying (e.g. address, email address).
  • Check all personal property is labeled.

 For the holiday:

You might find it helpful to print this page and tick off the items as you pack them.

  • Enough clothes for 8 days.
  • One smart set of clothes for the final night event (the kind of thing you might wear to a party, maybe even a dinner party).
  • One set of clothes that are pretty much the opposite: something you don't mind maybe getting wet or muddy.
  • If you've asked to do an electronics project, please bring clothing that will cover your upper legs and something to tie back long hair.
  • Wash kit and towels.
  • Any prescription medicines you need, including asthma inhalers (and a spare).  Please ensure you have enough for the whole week, including the final morning.
  • Bedding – A pillow and pillowcase, and either a sleeping bag or duvet and sheets. The school does not provide any bedding.
  • A Bible – a modern version if possible (such as the NIV or New Living Translation).
  • At least one pen.
  • Swimming things if you want to use the pool.
  • A bag to carry things during the day out.
  • A spare set of footwear suitable for outdoor wet activities.
  • Sports shoes and any sports equipment (e.g., tennis rackets) you’d like to use.
  • Any musical instruments you might want to play.
  • Sun cream and a hat.
  • A reusable water bottle.
  • Money (cash) for any electronics projects you are doing.
  • Money (cash) for the tuck shop, bookstall and LiveWires clothing if you want to. We’ll look after the money in the LiveWires bank during the holiday.
  • All bus/train tickets for the return journey (we’ll keep these safe in the bank during the week).

If you want to see a little more of what is happening, you can follow us on social media at, and  We will be posting occasional updates to these during the week.

We look forward to seeing you in the summer. If you have any questions check out our website, email us at or call us on 020 3397 1111.

Steven Ackroyd, Joel Fergusson and Roger Pickard (Holiday leaders)