Technical Activities 2020

For LiveWires online we have 4 different tech activities available. You'll be able to do two of these. We'll do our best to give you your first and second choice, but this may not be possible, so please tell us your preferences on the questionnaire.


Whether you've never programmed before in your life, or barely let a day go by without writing some code, this is your chance to learn, and have fun refining your skills! We'll guide you through the basic concepts of programming, using Javascript. If you're an old hand at Javascript, there's a game creation challenge to get stuck into.

3D Modelling

Learn the techniques, tips and tricks behind creating virtual 3D characters, environments and worlds. You can design anything you like, from creatures to cities to abstract works of art, still images or animations, all in the 3D Creation software Blender.

Sound Production

Love music but not sure how a track gets made? In this activity you can learn all about how to go from individual recorded parts through to a finished track, even adding your own sounds, using production software Reaper.

Video Production

In this tech you'll be taught all the essentials of video creation, from storyboarding to cutting and editing your own trailer. You'll get to flex your creative muscles and see just what you can do with sound effects, colour grading and visual effects in DaVinci Resolve.